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The average healthy person visits a doctor 3x per year for things like flu/allergy shots, sports physicals, prescription refills etc… Would this be true of you?


Co-pays and unavailability of doctors impacts how often people visit a doctor. Does cost impact how often you visit with your doctor?


If you were able to contact your provider online without going in to visit how often would you do that?


Savings Calculator Results

Estimated Costs at an ER $200
Estimated Costs at Sterling Urgent Care $100
Estimated Costs as a Member $50 An estimated $150 per visit savings!
Estimated Time Spent at an ER 110 minutes
Estimated Time Spent at Sterling Urgent Care 55 minutes
Estimated Time Spent as a Member 55 minutes Nearly a 1 hour savings per visit!

* The quality score for this calculator is based on the ratio of the cost to care

10 8 5

The quality of your care could be dramatically improved by becoming a member. Members can visit with a doctor as many times as they want in a month with no additional cost


Using Sterling Urgent Care without a membership could also provide you with an improvement in the quality of care due to the cost and time savings


The ER is fraught with high costs, long waits, and rushed care which leads to the potential for poorer quality of care

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